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Past Life Regressions

Through safe, pleasant relaxation, you are guided to previous lifetimes to help recognize, release and change relationship, health, and spiritual issues. All travel is closely guided and will allow one to karmically change past patterns. A regression generally takes one and one half hours. Intuitive Counseling/Readings Through connecting with Divine Oneness, Carmela works with Divine Guidance to assist clients in clarifying the occurrences of their lives, making decisions, and creating peace and harmony.



As a certified hypnotherapist, Carmela works with clients to achieve their desired goals. Hypnosis can greatly aid in pain management, and help the client stop habits such as smoking and overeating; it can change old belief systems and behaviors, enhance sports performance, and can increase self confidence. Hypnosis can guide a client into past memories and discover what affects they have and how they can be changed. Results are generally accomplished after a series of three hypnotherapy sessions; however, individual results will vary.

A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles ACIM is spiritual psycho-therapy and offers a universal philosophy of peace and genuine release from fear. It is presented as an in-depth self study program and contains a text, workbook and teacher’s manual. It is a powerful path to peace and fulfillment. Carmela conducts introductory classes ad on-going study groups in both Northern New Jersey and the Shore Area.


For centuries, people have used numerology (studying the numbers represented by a person’s name and birth date) as a tool for self-understanding and personal growth. A full chart helps to determine your inner personality, your talents and tendencies, and helps you recognize the turning points and challenges in this life. Carmela offers workshops in numerology and is also available for creating personal charts.